Deodorant for Sensitive Skin (50ml)

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Does this Deodorant work? Heck Ya!

VIADERM's 3 fold action gives instant freshness & drives away odor.

Perfect for those with extremely sensitive skin, Vidaderm's deodorant doesn’t just strike out odor; it helps tame sweat, too! Easily the first choice for game day or date night. Once you roll it on, its effects last incredibly long.

Is it tough on your under arms? Not even close!

Our hydrating, stuff-free formula will rejuvenate your sensitive skin & keep it safe from redness or itching. Signature essentials work to give succor and plush. Crafted with Trealix®, the roll-deo ensures a dry, odorless underarm for an extended period of time.

Mild, wet moisture or dry breeze: we've got your under arms covered.

Listed below are the favorable checkmarks:

  • First-rate anti-perspirant
  • Do away with dry surface
  • Perfumed with delightful Trealix® fragrance

Here's the way to perfectly soothing roll-on happiness:

Ensure your skin's powerful glands aren't confused by your soothing deodorant's command. Wrap underarms with the roll-deo &chill. Viaderm confidently ensures odorless skin. Keeping the skin blessed, we promptly introduce your skin to new happiness.

Relaxingly tasked, our deodorant makes sensitive skin issues feel like a distant past. It's blessedly paraben-free, hypoallergenic and never tried on furry animals. Ideal for sure, for both men and women. " Trust us when we say that time unloads wisdom and patents.

Now that you know, what are you waiting for?