About us

Our Skin is for Life!

  • VIDADERM understands our skin is for life, for VIDA. In turn, we must strengthen, nourish and. protect our skin.
  • All our products, whether designed to treat, hydrate or protect your skin, are. a result of this marriage between science and nature.
  • We support women from one generation to another, at every moment of their lives. Because it's not about complicated daily routines, it's about simple solutions and expert care, with a dash of commitment!

Our History

Our History Born in the heart of Milan Italy, VIDADERM has been developing skincare solutions with passion, for over 43 years. VIDADERM believes in the power of nature. Our mission is to partner with dermatologists to develop skincare. solutions for every skin type and. leverage cutting-edge innovation and scientific advances to extract natural active ingredients that have been clinically proven to heal the skin and return it to its natural healthy state.

Developed with Dermatologists

Developed with Dermatologists All products are dermatologically tested to ensure the highest quality of safe formulations and ingredients to strengthen and enhance our skin's natural defenses. We uphold the principle of safety at every stage of production. We offer only the most soothing, safe, and effective products that pose a minimal risk of skin irritation.

Vidaderm offers a complete range of skincare specialties of natural origin, derived from vegetables. Characterized by proven safety, efficacy, and excellent skin solutions.

Patented Ingredients

Through applying cutting-edge scientific innovations VIDADERM extracts natural active ingredients, from natural sources that have been clinically proven to heal the skin and return it to its natural, healthy state. Our Ingredients are derived from vegetables (Green oriented) and pure molecules.

Our Pillars