People with acne-prone skin will tell you, taking care of it isn't easy. Acne often needs to be treated on the surface but also more deeply. The solutions for the reduction and sometimes to overcome it are more and more numerous and taking care of them with natural products is quite possible. Here are some tips to help you do this.


What is acne-prone skin? 

Acne is a skin condition caused by an increase in the secretion of sebum by the sebaceous gland. Bacteria thrive inside, causing pimples to appear. Other skin lesions can appear such as blackheads, comedones, cysts, and nodules. Acne affects the face, neck, chest, upper back, shoulders, and forearms.

This skin condition usually appears at puberty, a period of hormonal changes. But we find a lot in adult women (and in some men too). The causes are very often stress, fatigue, and of course hormones. As a result, the skin will produce more sebum by promoting the proliferation of bacteria under the skin and the appearance of acne pimples.

The primary goal when taking care of acne-prone skin is to deeply purify it to reduce localized inflammation.

  1. Cleaning is the first step in this routine. The cleansing product should be gentle but quite purifying. VIDADERM Clarifying Foaming Gel cleanses and purifies the oily skin without being aggressive. It also hydrates the skin to prevent it from producing too much sebum.

Another way of cleansing is using VIDADERM Micellar Purifying Water. It cleanses and removes makeup, purities and dirt in a mild and effective way, respecting the hydrolipid balance of the skin.

  1. After cleansing and purifying, comes the hydration and nutrition step. The bottom line is that if you have acne-prone skin, you should avoid comedogenic skincare (that means that it has a propensity to clog pores and potentially lead to acne). VIDADERM Daily Moisturizer Cream. It intensely hydrates and revitalizes the skin and helps regulate the production of sebum in your skin.
  1. For the ultimate solution to treat a pimple on spot, use VIDADERM Anti-Sebo Cream. After couple of hours, the pimple will get smaller and disappear. It’s 5 in 1 actions smoothes and refines skin texture, mattifies while preserving the skin’s natural radiance and helps prevent the pores from being blocked.

These very simple steps should also be done in the evening for the best results. Remember to wash your hands well before touching your skin.

Always Remember 

To take care of acne-prone skin, purifying care must be at the forefront. They will help eliminate bacteria that will form under the skin and thus reduce inflammation and the appearance of pimples.

Don't put your fingers on your buttons. This will damage them and you may increase the inflammation and leave scars.

It is important to be regular in your routines and to be patient. If, despite our advice, you do not see a change, do not hesitate to consult a specialist.